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Remote Connectivity Solutions

Customized Remote Connectivity Solutions by Becker Connected Systems

Whether you’re expanding operations, upgrading systems, designing a new facility, or looking for efficiencies, we can customize a remote connectivity solution that fits your precise needs. Becker Connected Systems provides the software, hardware, and calibration expertise to keep your systems running smoothly.  

Secure Remote Monitoring with IoT Live

Becker Connected Systems is a holistic turn-key approach for all your remote water treatment monitoring needs. Our offerings include traditional cellular connectivity devices to a customizable portal with visibility into all your data points. Our Becker IoT Live solution addresses your remote monitoring needs through automation and control via a secure cloud connection. Additionally, we offer email and text reports/alarms with a customized dashboard. Set points and controls can be maintained and adjusted within your expectations and regulatory needs.  

Becker IoT Live Benefits

  • Customized and secure portal with cloud-based data storage. 
  • Real-time monitoring and control with data uploads in real-time. 
  • Customizable email and text alerts, alarms, historical data, and alarm events. 
  • No LAN access is needed. 
  • Standalone or panel mounted. 
  • A remote SCADA view; connects directly to your existing SCADA/communications network. 

To learn more about Becker Connected Systems, contact us today at or call us at 513.874.3372.

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