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Becker IoT Simplified Remote Monitoring

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Streamlined Water Treatment Monitoring with Becker IoT

A proprietary Becker Connected Systems product, Becker IoT Live streamlines your data into one trustworthy customized dashboard you can use for seamless, secure remote water treatment monitoring. This allows real-time viewing of all critical data points, at all your locations, all of the time. This process eliminates the frustrations that can come with monitoring multiple data points from different locations.  

We work to make our IoT Live solution work for your needs, so you don’t have to standardize on our platforms. 

Why is Becker IoT Live more than Cellular Connectivity and why you need to explore the possibilities?

Let’s first start with some clarification of IoT automation and cellular connectivity.

  1. IoT Automation refers to the process of using connected devices and smart systems to automate tasks and processes without human intervention. It involves the integration of various sensors, actuators, and smart devices that communicate with each other and make decisions based on predefined rules or artificial intelligence algorithms. The goal of IoT Automation is to enhance efficiency, reduce human effort, and optimize operations in various industries and domains.
    For example, in an industrial application, IoT Automation can pull data from various devices that have Modbus, BACnet or other communication protocols and turn on pumps and/ or alarms automatically when thresh-holds are detected, adjust the flow rate of chemicals based on readings, and notify you remotely using a smartphone app.
  2. Cellular Connectivity: Cellular Connectivity, on the other hand, refers to the ability of devices to connect to the internet and communicate with each other or cloud-based platforms using cellular networks. Cellular connectivity is one of the many ways IoT devices can communicate.

So, the main difference between IoT Automation and Cellular Connectivity is IoT Automation focuses on the automation and intelligent decision-making of connected devices and systems.

Becker Connected Systems IoT platform combines IoT Automation and Cellular Connectivity to create powerful IoT solutions. Our platform can use cellular connectivity to keep track of controller activity and operational data while utilizing the IoT Automation to optimize processes, schedule chemical adjustments, and monitor chemical and water consumption based on data collected from various sensors in a process. The Becker Connected Solution includes a customized dashboard with read / write capabilities built in for most devices.

Contact one of our applications professional today to learn more about how Becker Connected Systems can help you reduce cost, improve quality and efficiency.

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