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Application Engineer Designed Systems

Corrosion Coupon Racks

Knowing that warmer weather is on the way means that cooling towers and chilled water loops will be starting up.  Coupon Racks are a great and inexpensive way to measure the amount of corrosion going on in your system.  

Water flows by a coupon, which is typically a piece of metal that is the same as the piping of the system.  The coupon is weighed at a lab prior to installation and then reweighted after a period (around a month or two) at the same lab.  The difference between the two weights can give you a general idea of the amount of corrosion per year in MPY.

We can offer many different configuration options below:

  • Shut off valves on inlet and outlet.
  • In-line rotameters
  • 80 mesh strainers
  • Sch 80 PVC or CPVC
  • 3/4” or 1” Pipe
  • Clear PVC on the straight runs
  • Easy access coupon holders
  • 1 to 6 coupon holders
  • The ability to integrate into your existing cooling tower panel.
  • Panel mounted on either black or white HDPE panels for easy installation.
  • Different options of left or right facing inlets & outlets.

If you have questions or would like to receive a quote on a coupon rack, please contact one of our application engineers to help you design a customer system that fits your needs. 

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