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Becker Engineered Systems Careers


JOB TITLE:   Shipping Receiving / Part time Assembly Specialist

REPORTS TO:           Technical Support Supervisor


JOB SUMMARY:  Verifies and keeps records on incoming and outgoing shipments and prepares items for shipment.  Compares identifying information and counts, weighs, or measures items of incoming and outgoing shipments to verify information against bills of lading, invoices, orders, or other records. This role is also responsible for putting together parts or pieces following a set of blueprints or schematics and for verifying correct quantities of parts and monitoring completed items for quality. He/She may assist in managing parts inventory.  Keeps shipping materials and supplies maintained and keeps records of all materials and equipment that enter or leave the facility.


Key performance objectives in order of priority:

  • Receives shipments and accurately compares packing lists to purchase orders the day of arrival
  • Enters received inventory in Quickbooks as item receipt.
  • Places received shipment in inventory or repackages to be shipped back out the day of arrival
  • Accurately picks inventory after receiving sales order within same day.
  • Accurately creates shipping label, packages equipment, and ship the same day.
  • Complete / assist with production builds (with all available components) scheduled for the day
  • Maintains inventory in organized and clean environment.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: The responsibilities listed are fundamental to the position and must be performed successfully to achieve the key performance objectives of the role.  Other responsibilities may be assigned. This job will be on site only. There is no ability to work remotely.

Operational Responsibilities 

1. Receiving

  • Unpacks and examines incoming shipments, rejects damaged items.
  • Reports shortages and discrepancies and corresponds with shipper to rectify damages and shortages.
  • Records item receipts in Quickbooks.
  • Places received shipments in inventory using first in-first out basis or repackages to be shipped back out.
  • Must be able to lift 60+lbs unassisted.

2. Shipping

  • Picks orders and prepares packages daily to meet shipping requirements.
  • Assembles shipping boxes/containers and inserts items to be shipped into boxes, using fillers and/or protective padding.
  • Closes and seals packages to be shipped.
  • Recommends method of shipment, utilizing knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates.
  • Posts shipment using Quickbooks by weighing box/container.
  • Affixes shipping labels, identifying information, and shipping instructions onto packed boxes or containers.
  • Adds a line item for freight and move freight cost, posted on the invoice by the shipping computer, into freight line. (The shipping computer puts freight charges and tracking on the invoice, but it needs to be manipulated onto its own line item, so the charge allocates correctly.)
  • Examines outgoing shipments to ensure shipments meet specifications.
  • Prepares bills of lading and maintains documentation of goods shipped.
  • Maintains inventory of shipping materials and supplies.
  • Performs computer functions necessary to track various aspects of goods.
  • Uses pallet jack to move goods from shipping and receiving area to truck and visa versa. May operate lift truck if needed.
  • Must be able to lift 60+lbs unassisted.

3. Provide customer support.

  • Responds to customer emails in a timely fashion.
  • Includes providing tracking # when requested.
  • Answer phones when needed.

4. Works with members of the warehouse staff, company customers and sales representatives.

5. Examines and investigates misidentified or out-of-balance items and helps determine the cause for discrepancies.

6. Assists in investigating discrepancies and inventory shortages. Executes necessary improvements towards better business performance, which centers on customer satisfaction.

7. Tracks inventory maintenance and keeps supervisor up to date regarding inventory inflow and outflow; make recommendations for effective decision making, which may include the need for restock or for quick resolution of issues.

8. Builds assembly orders per print and sales order requirements:

  • Understands and interpret sales orders to ensure daily shipping needs
  • Reads and understands product drawings
  • Sets-up and operates the equipment required to assemble all BES products
  • Understands customer requirements.
  • Verify and double check your work to look for errors.


Interpersonal Responsibilities

  1. Develops and maintains professional relationships with team members, clients, and industry partners.
  2. Collaborates with sales to identify further customer needs.
  3. Identifies opportunities and continuously works on personal professional development.

Organizational Responsibilities

  1. Actively participates and contributes to all Company cultural development initiatives.
  2. Participates in Company meetings, seminars, and training opportunities as specified.
  3. Actively participates in all Company social media initiatives pertaining to LinkedIn, including weekly posts and maintaining of personnel LinkedIn page.
  4. Actively participates in all Company marketing campaigns as specified.

PERFORMANCE FACTORS: The performance factors described here are core abilities that translate into desired on-the-job behaviors which contribute to the employee successfully achieving the performance objectives of this job and carrying out the assigned responsibilities.

  1. Problem Solving Ability: The ability to anticipate, analyze, diagnose, and resolve problems. Utilizes logic and systematic processes to analyze and solve problems; defines the causes, effects, impact and scope of problems; identifies multiple components of a problem and it’s relationships; prioritizes steps to solution; develops criteria for optimum solutions; evaluates the potential impact of possible solutions and selects the best one.
  2. High Sense of Urgency: The ability to act promptly, decisively and without delay along with the ability to communicate the proper sense of urgency and inspire it in an individual or a team.
  3. Self-Management: The ability to demonstrate self-control and manage time and priorities. Independently pursues business objectives in an organized and efficient manner; prioritizes activities as necessary to meet job requirements; maintains required level of activity toward achieving goals without direct supervision; minimizes work flow disruptions and time wasters to complete high quality work within a specified time frame.
  4. Personal Accountability: A measure of the capacity to be answerable for personal actions. Accepts personal responsibility for the consequences of personal actions; avoids placing unnecessary blame on others; maintains personal commitment to objectives regardless of the success or failure of personal decisions; applies personal lessons learned from past failures to moving forward in achieving future successes.
  5. Flexibility: Agility in adapting to change. Responds promptly to shifts in direction, priorities and schedules; demonstrates agility in accepting new ideas, approaches and/or methods; effective in juggling multiple priorities and tasks; modifies methods or strategies to fit changing circumstances; adapts personal style to work with different people; maintains productivity during transitions, even in the midst of chaos.
  6. Customer Focus: A commitment to customer satisfaction. Consistently places a high value on client and all issues related to customer; objectively listens to, understands and represents customer feedback; anticipates customer needs and develops appropriate solutions; meets all promises and commitments made to client.
  7. Interpersonal Skills: The ability to effectively communicate, build rapport and relate well to all kinds of people. Strives for self-awareness; demonstrates sincere interest in others; treats all people with respect, courtesy and consideration; respects differences in the attitudes and perspectives of others; listens observes and strives to gain understanding of others; communicates effectively; sensitive to diversity issues; develops and maintains relationships with many different kinds of people regardless of cultural differences.
  8. Teamwork: The ability to work effectively and productively with others. Respects team members and their individual perspectives; makes team mission and objectives a priority; works toward consensus when team decisions are required; meets agreed-upon deadlines on team assignments and commitments; shares responsibility with team members for successes and failures; keeps team members informed regarding projects; supports team decisions; recognizes and appreciates the contribution of team members; behaves in a manner consistent with team values and mission; provides constructive feedback to team and its members; responds positively to feedback from team members; raises and/or confronts issues limiting team effectiveness.
  9. Resiliency: The ability to quickly recover from adversity. Continues toward goals in the face of difficulty and adversity; handles criticism and rejection from others with objectivity; recovers quickly from personal setbacks; moves past unforeseen obstacles without unnecessary delay.
  10. Continuous Learning: The ability to take initiative in learning and implementing new concepts, technologies and/or methods. Demonstrates curiosity and enthusiasm for learning; takes initiative in acquiring and mastering the skills and knowledge requirements of a position; keeps abreast of current or new information through reading and other learning methods; is actively interested in new technologies, processes and methods; welcomes or seeks assignments requiring new skills and knowledge; expends considerable effort and/or expense on learning; genuinely enjoys learning; identifies applications for knowledge; is considered a knowledgeable resource by others.
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